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Today ACWA Power is owned by eight Saudi conglomerates besides Sanabil Direct Investment Company (owned by the Public Investment Fund) and by the Saudi Public Pensions Agency.

ACWA Holding                                                                          46.9264%

MADA Group for Industrial & Commercial Investment              23.1129%

Sanabil Direct Investment Company                                         13.7150%

Saudi Public Pension Agency                                                    5.7145%

Al Mutlaq Group Co.                                                                  3.6274%

Multiple Shares Company                                                          2.5396%

Omar Kassem Al Esayi & Marketing Co.                                    2.2881%

Badad International Co. for Trading and Contracting Ltd.          0.8211%

Future Industrial Investments Co. Ltd.                                       0.8211%

Al-Toukhi Commercial Group Co. Ltd.                                       0.4321%


We were recently awarded the PFI Award for our efforts in providing clean and sustainable energy.
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