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ACWA Power international has prioritized the corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR&S) as a primary business objective. The socioeconomic benefits of producing affordable desalinated water and electricity in an environmentally responsible manner aligns with our business model both with the present and the future. The company recognizes that taking a leadership position on social and environmental issues is essential for creating a sustainable competitive advantage, and doing business in both the regional and international arena.

Furthermore, ACWA Power believes it is important to lead by example and so it has appointed a Director of CR&S to guide the initiative. This translated to investing a significant budget in meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility projects and initiatives.

ACWA Power approach to CR&S is to follow international best practice (the Global Reporting Initiative and the International Organization for Standardization) and develop the program customized to address issues which are significant and relevant to the business and the stakeholders. In February 2010 ACWA Power adopted a Corporate Commitments policy as cornerstone for developing an integrated management system to guide the CR&S program and create business value.

ACWA Power material issues cover the full triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities, so that ACWA Power considers people, planet and prosperity in everything it does.


We were recently awarded the PFI Award for our efforts in providing clean and sustainable energy.
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