Corporate Social Responsibility


ACWA Power International recognizes that taking a leadership position on social and environmental issues is essential to creating a sustainable competitive advantage, and doing business in both the regional and international arena. The company has been investing a significant budget in meaningful corporate social responsibility projects and initiatives and continues to invest in corporate social responsibility initiatives and with its five-year plan.

As a Saudi company with a portfolio of assets based in Saudi Arabia, our future is intrinsically linked with the socioeconomic development of Saudi Arabia. It is ACWA Power belief that the anchor for sustainable growth of the economy and the wellbeing of the society is the nurturing and development of our greatest resource, our people. We demonstrate this commitment by hiring Saudi citizens wherever possible, and are proud to have introduced the human resource development programs, including advanced research, graduate programs and youth technical training. Furthermore, the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority and the King Khalid Foundation recognized ACWA Power efforts in the field of corporate social responsibility through an award for Responsible Competiveness.


We were recently awarded the PFI Award for our efforts in providing clean and sustainable energy.
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