Corporate Social Responsibility


ACWA Power International’s direct corporate Environmental, Health & Safety risk profile is that of a professional office based organization and hence is relatively insignificant. However, the EHS performance and effects of our facilities, contractors and service providers is significant. Poor EHS performance leads to reduced staff morale, increased operating costs and increased regulatory attention. In recent years the company has conformed to international standards and expectations by:

  • Appointing full-time, independent, internationally-recognized environmental advisors.
  • Undertaking environmental and social impact assessments that comply with World Bank and International Monetary Fund requirements, for all of the company projects.
  • Integrating the recommendations of these into our design specifications and operating licenses.
  • Complying voluntarily with the Equator Principles that are used as the standard for responsible lending by the international finance sector.

Environmental and Social Impact Studies


Specific Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (SESIA) for the NOOR II and the NOOR III projects

Kirikkale CCPP

Kirikkale CCPP Project and its Over Head Transmission Line

Khalladi Wind Farm

Khalladi Wind Farm ESIA Disclosure Package

Khalladi Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Hard copies of the Khalladi Wind Farm ESIA Disclosure Package and Khalladi Environmental Impage Assessment are also available at the "bureau d'ordres" at the following municipalities:

Qsar Sghir : Commune Ksar Sghir, Préfecture Fahs Anjra, Wilaya de Tanger.

Meloussa : Commune Meloussa, Préfecture Fahs Anjra, Wilaya de Tanger.

Khmis Anjra : Commune Fahs ANJRA, Préfecture Fahs Anjra, Wilaya de Tanger.

Souk Kdim : Commune Souk Kdim, Province Tetouan

Sadina : Commune Sadina, Province Tetouan


We were recently awarded the PFI Award for our efforts in providing clean and sustainable energy.
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