Our Expertise


ACWA Power International brings to any transaction relevant and recent knowledge and experience. In all its transactions, ACWA Power International played a direct role in:

  • Selecting the investment partners
  • Identifying the optimum technical solution
  • Selecting and negotiating with the EPC Contractor to procure the most competitive EPC price
  • Estimating the most competitive O&M price and developing appropriate and innovative financing structures



The combination of the above has ultimately led to the delivery of the most competitive and thus winning tariff.


ACWA Power International has amassed a wealth of experience in procuring all the permits, licenses and approvals required as a pre-requisite to achieving Financial Close, draw down of funds under the credit facility agreement, and commencement of construction.


Having successfully completed numerous, multi-billion dollar transactions, ACWA Power International has developed an excellent and credible track record with major local, regional and international banks involved in financing infrastructure investments in the Kingdom.


This level of visibility and reputation also empowers the company to leverage its relationship.


ACWA Power International brings to each transaction a well-established and experienced O&M Contracting company; NOMAC is a joint venture between ACWA Power International and Sogex Oman. Beyond being the only privately owned company wholly dedicated to operating and maintaining power and desalination plants in Saudi Arabia, NOMAC, in association with Sogex Oman, has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to deliver competitive value.


ACWA Power International has developed robust relationships with all the major international power and desalination plant suppliers who could be of relevance to new projects. These relationships and market knowledge can be leveraged to benefit current and future projects.


Attracted international and local developers led to 20% tariff difference between lowest and next.


We were recently awarded the PFI Award for our efforts in providing clean and sustainable energy.
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