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First National Operation and Maintenance Company

Established in 2005, NOMAC is a joint venture between Sogex Oman Co. LLC and ACWA Power International of Saudi Arabia to deliver operation and maintenance services solutions to public and private sector owners of power and desalination plants.

NOMAC owned O&M contractors in the region. It brings its technical expertise, process, systems, and managerial staff to compliment ACWA Power Project’s well-established supply chain in Saudi Arabia as well as its in-country experience in recruiting, training and retaining staff to maximize the Saudi content in this segment of commercial endeavor without compromising on quality of service.


With the intrinsic involvement of Sogex Oman as the Technical Partner in this venture and through its significant shareholding, NOMAC is thus able to draw on the track record of Sogex Oman in Management, Operation and Maintenance of power and desalination plants of a wide range of types including:

  • Steam turbine power plants
  • Gas turbines simple and combined cycle power plants
  • Sea water large capacity desalination plants including MSF and RO technologies
  • Diesel engine power plants
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Seawater cooling systems
  • Potable water transmission system

To achieve excellence, NOMAC considers the development of manpower resources an ongoing process taking care of in-house training as well as abroad. New technologies and knowledge gained shall be adapted to improve the quality and performance of the company.

The philosophy and the excellence of NOMAC translated in winning solid contracts to operate the following plants within Saudi Arabia :

  • Shuaibah IWPP
  • Shuaibah Expansion Project
  • Shuqaiq IWPP
  • Jubail Marafiq IWPP
  • International Barges Company for Water Desalination
  • NOMAC has well-established operations in Saudi Arabia. The first awarded operation was the Shuaibah IWPP, which achieved Financial Close on 15 January 2006 and where NOMAC is responsible for the entire O&M of this complex. Upon completion in 2009, the complex will dispatch 880,000 m³/day of desalinated water and 900 MW of power.


  • The Shuaibah RO Expansion. This project achieved Financial Close in July 2007 Upon completion in Feb 2009, the complex will dispatch 150,000 m3/day.


  • The Shuqaiq IWPP: The project achieved Financial Close on 29 Mar 2007. Once completed in Dec 2010, the complex will produce 212,000 m³/day of desalinated water and 850 MW of power.


  • The Marafiq Jubail IWPP: The project achieved Financial Close on 20 Jun 2007. When completed in 2009, it will have a production capacity of 800,000 m³/day of desalinated water and 2,743 MW of power.


  • The Bowarege IWP: This is a floating, self-contained, mobile water desalination solution. With two barges commissioned, the total output will be 50,000 m³/day


We were recently awarded the PFI Award for our efforts in providing clean and sustainable energy.
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