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International Barges Company for Water Desalination

International Barges Company  for Water Desalination (Bowarege) is the owner and controller of the Barge IWP. In order to devise a rapidly deployable, self-contained solution for water desalination, ACWA Power developed the world’s first barges mounted, self contained desalination plants with onboard power generators and staff accomodation. Both  barges are  fitted with 25,000m3/day capacity reverse osmosis desalination plants. The barges were initially anchored adjacent to the Shuaibah IWPP to augment its desalinated water output and thereafter relocated to Shuqaiq to alleviate  water shortages in the southern region.  In June 2011, the barges moved to their current location in Yanbu to support the local water infrastructure.

Each of the two plants has the capacity to produce 25,000 m3/day of desalinated potable water from primary sea water. The barges are fully integrated and functionally independent as they contain all the necessary desalination plant, power generators, laboratories, control rooms and employee housing on board.

The off-taker for the desalinated water is SWCC and the project’s investors are ACWA Power and Rakaa Saudi Power and Water Company.


Renewable 3 year water sales contract


Yanbu, Red Sea, Western  Saudi Arabia


ACWA Power

RAKAA Holding Company

Off taker

Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC)

Cities Supplied

Yanbu and Madinah Monawrah

Project Cost

US$ 0.11 billion

EPC Contractor


O&M Contractor



Water: 25,000 m³/day per Barge


Water: Reverse Osmosis


Diesel for onboard diesel generators

Commercial Operation

Q2, 2008


We were recently awarded the PFI Award for our efforts in providing clean and sustainable energy.
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