• 34 GW

    of power

  • 5.9 million M3 day

    of desalinated water


We co-invest in our projects to ensure technical & operational control over its performance



ACWA Power will continue to be a developer, investor and operator of power generation and water desalination plants. We co-invest at a strategic level in our projects to ensure a large degree of technical and operational control over the performance of such assets. Our growth strategy is focused on sovereign and industrial offtake markets to ensure sustainable growth through the expansion of existing platforms, the development of Greenfield projects, and the acquisition of existing plants.

Business Principles:

  • Comprehensive solutions to meet the requirements of customers

    By being fuel-agnostic and technology-neutral in its approach, ACWA Power offers optimal technical and financial asset delivery, as well as operations and maintenance solutions to address customer requirements at the lowest possible cost.

  • Transparent and independent relationships with partners

    ACWA Power recognizes that equitable partnerships and balanced stakeholder relationships are essential to delivering sustainable utility solutions over the long term. The company rigorously maintains its independence by entering into contracts with other parties on an arm’s length basis.

  • Rigorous bottom-up pricing approach to bid at the lowest possible price

    ACWA Power adopts a rigorous bottom-up pricing approach that seeks to maximize “value for money” for purchasers by allocating risks to those who are most capable of mitigating and/or managing them without compromising quality of the plant and reliability of service delivery.

  • Cost-effective funding structure

    ACWA Power aims at adopting an optimum funding model for each project, tapping into limited recourse debt markets, capital markets or bank loans, while seeking to reduce the funding cost of each project and to optimize its shareholders’ risk/return profile.

  • High-quality, culturally-diverse and empowered talent

    The company attracts, retains and develops a high-quality and culturally diverse workforce. It promotes entrepreneurship and leadership by maintaining a culture of empowerment. It proactively supports the development of the national workforce.

  • Commitment to sustainability, health, safety and corporate social responsibility

    Significant emphasis is put on social and economic development by maximizing value retention in the local economy, protecting and contributing to environmental sustainability, and ensuring the health and safety of the company’s workforce in the communities in which it operates.

  • Commitment to Islamic (Shari’a) compliant activities

    ACWA Power is committed to comply with Islamic Shari’a principles throughout its operations