The people working for ACWA Power remain the key pillars of our success. The need to attract, retain and engage expanding teams to support our growth will be a significant focus at ACWA Power as we enter the second decade of our journey.

While we are blessed with a highly talented, committed and enthusiastic team of professionals who come from diverse backgrounds and a broad base of nationalities- which sets us apart from our peers- we also place significant emphasis on developing the local workforce in the various countries in which we work.

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Our stated strategy is to improve the local economies within which we operate by maximizing local content, including employment, supply chains, and materials. Whilst delivering returns to shareholders is a key consideration for any business, we are mindful of the fact that in order to create enduring long term value for our stakeholders, we must strive to share the value we create in the countries in which we operate.

This is a core aspect of ACWA Power's operating philosophy and our successful business model is predicated on our role as an investor in people, jobs, and assets, all of which combine to deliver long term returns over the life cycle of each asset. We believe that this philosophy is paramount to ensuring long term growth and lock partnership.

If you are interested in joining our team at ACWA Power. Please check available job posts on LinkedIn and apply to the relevant job vacancy. However, if you couldn’t find any suitable jobs, feel free to fill out the Employment Application Form below.

Once you submit your application, your resume will remain in our database. The People & Culture team will be in contact with you shall your profile match any of the current or future career openings.

Once your profile is found to be matching with any of our vacant positions, ACWA Power, generally uses the phone interview as a preliminary evaluation to the applicant’s skills and accomplishments. Subsequently, a face-to-face interview is also arranged to learn more about each other.

If you’ve passed the preliminary interview after going through necessary personality/technical tests, you’ll be asked to appear for a series of interviews that will provide us with a more in-depth mutual understanding of our expectations as well as our corporate culture, values, and last but not the least, the opportunities within our company.

Congratulations! We are looking forward to welcoming you to be part of our team.



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