Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

ACWA Power seeks to adopt and adhere to high standards of corporate governance and best practices to deliver sustainable value to our stakeholders. The Company’s corporate governance structure is built around the Board of Directors, who were nominated by the Shareholders and appointed at an ordinary general assembly meeting, and five functional Board Committees, each of which is responsible for reviewing the Company’s operations within the context of their specific expertise, conducting voting decisions of their own on various matters and providing frequent updates to the Board for approvals and/or information.

The Management Committee (MC) which consists of the President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and his direct reports, operates the Company with direct oversight and guidance from the Board of Directors.

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Our corporate governance approach is supported by a robust framework designed to enhance accountability through the recognition and management of all risk areas, including those related to ESG issues. It specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among various participants of the organisation, including our Board of Directors and its five functional committees, our senior management, and our employees.

Corporate Governance Documents

Key Documents

17 January, 2022

Bylaws of ACWA Power

10 May, 2022

Terms for Director Engaging in Competing Interest


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INFORMATION ON ACWA39ACWA39 (“The Bonds”) was issued by ACWA Power Management and Investments One Limited (the “Issuer”), a limited SPV company incorporated under the laws of the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) as a wholly owned subsidiary of ACWA Power Company, A Saudi Listed Joint Stock Company (“ACWA Power”). The Bonds are ring-fenced and non-recourse to ACWA Power. Refer to the Bonds Offering Memorandum for more information that is available under Fixed Income/Bond Data on the website.

ACWA Power's IR Desk

ACWA Power's IR Desk

Director – Investor Relation

Mr. Ozgur Serin

Executive Director – Investor Relations

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Senior Manager – Investor Relations

Mr. Zameel Kasim

Senior Manager – Investor Relations

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