Social Action: more than just words in Jordan

Being socially responsible is one of the many satisfying aspects to building and operating huge power installations in various countries, and it is most apparent from the sheer number of ‘social projects’ that ACWA Power is involved with.

Take Jordan for example, ACWA Power’s partner in the country (CEGCO) , have provided the local Mosques around the plants in Aqaba, Khalda, Furnish, and Rihab itself with Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels to cut their electricity bills by at least 50 percent in its first year of operation, with the aim of achieving self-sufficiency in the coming years.

It is also creating a series of training courses in the maintenance & cleaning of the PV panels, which provides the additional benefit of creating a new set of work-skills for the trainees in the local communities.

Meanwhile, in the Al-Ruwashied and Rehab municipalities, new LED street lighting is being installed; they are very low maintenance, should last for many years, and in turn reduce their carbon emissions in the process.

It’s all part of refurbishing the infrastructure to allow the further development of skills & employment in the areas around the power plants.

In addition, ACWA Power/CEGCO will be providing support for good quality alternative care for children who can no longer live with their parents. The SOS Children’s Villages’ in Amman, Aqaba, and Irbid will be benefitting from this support, investing in the care & development of young Jordanians for years to come.

Still with the young people of Jordan, support for schools rehabilitation will be provided, giving much needed help to ensure a positive atmosphere and the best educational opportunities for the students.

They are also supporting medical facilities and vital life-saving equipment.

Provision of much-needed medical equipment for Al-Mafraq Hospital, and the Al-Shamia Medical Center in Aqaba will ensure bigger, better facilities are available to the needy people close to the Risha Power Plants.

CEGCO is to take part in the Naming & Recognition Program at the King Hussein Cancer Centre in Amman (KHCC) providing the best care facilities possible in the name of CEGCO. This is a very visible demonstration of how carefully considered the decisions have been to ensure every project has a long-term and enduring legacy.

Funding was made available for free Medical Days & Blood Donation campaigns, which has major benefits because of the free medicine, and free Volunteer Doctors that are involved.

Investments such as this, reaps larger rewards beyond the money given, to the advantage of the neediest.

During these free Medical Days, Lab-tests, awareness raising, and follow-up cases are often adopted as a result of these events; minor surgeries, and radiological Imaging are also available to those who attend.

Continuing cultural activities are not forgotten, food packages will be distributed during Holy Ramadan.

Such positive social impacts are always the ultimate outcome from the projects we support as we sustain communities by empowering them and taking action to improve people’s lives around our projects.

By being socially pro-active in the areas we operate, ACWA Power & CEGCO know that improving health, education, welfare of the young people in Jordan, will give these communities more opportunities to develop skills, and prosper in the years to come.